Sofa Bed Furniture


King Furniture introduces the latest in sofa bed comfort - The King Dream. This luxurious sofa bed is perfect for when friends
or family drop by and decide to stay unexpectedly. The sofa bed has been designed with comfort, simplicity and luxury in mind,
the next best thing to a bed. The King Dream sofa bed easily folds out to reveal a comfortable KingCell™ mattress and can be
returned into a comfortable sofa in seconds.This ultra comfy sofa will make you the envy of your friends and family.


Other Sofas that turn into Beds

King Furniture also offers a range of sofa's that easily convert into a bed through their flexible module system.
These include the following styles:


Another award winning sofa design that combines the versatility of being a luxuriously comfortable sofa system during the
day and a superior occasional sofa bed at night. By positioning the platforms side by side and with the superior feather blend
seat cushion comfort, a spacious and comfortable sofa bed for two is created.


Delta II sofa bed can quickly and easily be re-arranged into two single or a spacious Queen size sofa bed. With multi density foam
and the KingCell™ System in the set cushioning, a restful nights sleep is guaranteed. The famous King Furniture stainless
steel frame guarantees durability and ultimate support. Back cushions are easily attached to the rectangles with stainless
steel sofa bed brackets to form a soft head support.


Delta Storage sofa bed has the added flexibility of generous storage inside the rectangles whilst still able to be turned into two single
or a Queen size sofa bed. There is enough space to store bed linen, blankets and pillows ensuring that when friends or family
arrive to stay it takes only minutes to set up their beds. The sofa bed seat cushions lift easily and smoothly to reveal the storage
spaces. The King comfort continues without compromise due to the steel frame and the Postureflex® Suspension System.


Houdini is all about personal comfort. Magical personal comfort.
Houdini can quickly and easily be turned into a queen sized bed or two single sized beds. Beneath the soft quilting are bands
of multi-layer High Density Foam and tensile pocket springs that combine to give support to every part of your body. It's
called the King Cell system and it means a wonderfully comfortable all night sleep.


The Strata 3 Seater is transformed into a King Deluxe Single bed or a sumptuous daybed by simply sliding and locking
the back/arm to achieve the maximum seat depth. Strata's sophisticated appeal lies in its sleek looks, smooth
contours and exceptional comfort satisfying the demand for versatility and design.


Generous deep seating made of multidensity HR foam, unique KingCell™ system and feather/blend overlay encourages
total relaxation. By positioning 2 chairs and 2 squares together or any combinations of 4 armless or 4 corner modules
a Queen size sofa bed is devised.


Choose from a range of shapes and sizes

The possibilities are endless, ranging from single to double; from luxury to affordable - it all depends on the sofa you choose. Alternative fabrics, leather, colours
shapes and sizes can be chosen to suit the design of your living area. The Delta Storage sofa can be quickly rearranged into two singles, or a spacious Queen
size bed with a storage option. Bed linen, blankets and pillows can be stored, and a bed can be set up within minutes. The Jasper design combines luxury and
practically; the sleek look of the Strata 3 Seater sofa incorporates simplicity and versatility. Kato's flexible and modular design, presents a compact option
and Pronto's range provide a unique KingCell™ system and feather/blend ensuring total relaxation.

There sofa beds are made from King Furniture's award winning designers and assure the creation of a top quality product. King Furniture sofa beds guarantee
durability and support with their famous stainless steel frames, postureflex® support system and multi-density HR foam.

Sofa beds can be quickly and easily rearranged, providing the perfect nights rest for those away from home. King Furniture's endless varieties of sofa beds supply
the comfortable, compact alternative for those who don't have the space for a guest bedroom.

Space saving ideas are very popular - with many people living in apartments or smaller living spaces while preferring a minimalist look and feel to their
home. Sofas that can convert to a bed - provide the best option.

Contact King Furniture or visit our showrooms to see the sofa options available.