Delta II
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  • KingCell
    Steel Suspension
    Steel Frame
    Removable Feet
    15 Year Warranty
    Removable Slipcover
The popular Delta series are flagships of King Furniture flexibility and modular magic.

Delta II is a flexible seating system that can be configured in numerous arrangements and converted to beds.

The Delta II options include your choice of straight pieces or curves. Delta II fits snugly into corners, wraps around awkward angles or expands to command centre of attention in any room.

Delta II accessories include optional side tables or removable arms.

For added comfort, the backrests can be adjusted to deep or standard positions.
Covers are removable and are available in your choice of fabric or leather.

Delta II features engineered steel frames incorporating the Postureflex® seating system.

For further information on the Delta II, visit your local King Furniture Showroom.